Skype power-user tip: edit sent messages

Ever quickly sent a skype message, only to immediately notice a typo? You can fix it using the following trick.

Imagine you just sent “The radio is borken”.

To fix “borken”, you simply enter this follow-message: “s/borken/broken/”.

The sent message will be updated, and marked as “edited”. Magic, eh?

This was tested between two Macs running Skype 2.7, so it may or may not work for you too. It’s only possible to alter the last sent message you sent, and not earlier messages or those sent by another member of the chat.

UNIX users will note that the syntax echoes that of sed, awk, perl, vi and other tools, and the “s/old/new/” idiom is commonly used in geek-to-geek chats.

(Credit to my colleague and fellow Ruby on Rails consultant Stefan Kaes for noticing this.)