Rails plugin for console database access

Ever tried using ‘psql’ or ‘mysql’ on the command-line to connect to your Rails database, only to find you forgot how to specify all those ‘-u’ and ‘-h’ parameters?

This plugin provides handy rake tasks for running DB console programs for the various databases in your database.yml. It supports postgresql, mysql, sqlite and sqlite3 connections.

I’ve been using this trick myself for over 2 years now, but I’ve only just got around to packaging it up as a plugin.


% rake db:console                  # Connect to your RAILS_ENV database
% rake db:console:production       # Connect to the production database
% rake db:console:test             # Connect to the test database
% rake db:console:some_other_db    # Connect to some_other_db defined in database.yml
% RAILS_ENV=test rake db:console   # Connect to the test database

Getting it

You can use script/plugin to install the plugin:

% script/plugin install https://rails.sanityinc.com/plugins/db_console/

Alternatively, you can download a snapshot from the plugin’s git repository instead (tip: that page has an RSS feed for tracking check-ins). Unpack the snapshot tarball under your RAILS_ROOT/vendor/plugins directory.

Update: Edge Rails, as of early May 2008, has script/dbconsole instead, which was derived from the code of this plugin

Feedback and contributions welcome

Not working for you? Want to add support for other database console programs? Get in touch!

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