A Haskell Session With Ollie Charles For The Peer-To-Peer Video Series

I recently sat down with local Haskell hero Ollie Charles to record a video of him solving a fun programming problem.

Drew Neil’s Peer To Peer video series captures the working practices of experts in various programming languages, providing viewers with tips, tricks and insights.

Each video features a host, who brings along a task and acts as a “customer”, and a guest, who has to solve the challenge in real time using their tools of choice.

For this video, in which I was the host, I proposed that Ollie tackle Dave Thomas’ Word Chains Kata – I use this non-trivial problem myself whenever I learn a new programming language, so I knew that it would keep Ollie on his toes.

Ollie’s own site is a treasure-trove of carefully-explained Haskell tips and tricks, so I wasn’t surprised to find myself enjoying his problem-solving approach and learning a lot.

To see what happened, check out the video:

After the session, and having picked up a couple of new tricks from Ollie, I even felt inspired to tackle the problem in Haskell once more myself.

Update: there’s also a great follow-up video featuring Ollie hosting John Wiegley