About me

Hi, I’m Steve Purcell

I’m an extremely effective “full-stack” and “polyglot” software engineer and leader, focusing particularly on modern web technologies. With 20 years of hands-on industry experience I understand how to select, build and refine software to add business value, and to reduce costs.

You can hire me to lead your software team, solve hard programming problems, advise you on technology choices, or coach your developers using the latest industry practices and tools.

I’ve worked as a senior consultant at elite companies such as ThoughtWorks, and consulted independently with industry-leading businesses both in the UK and overseas, but web start-ups are my real passion: I’ve started some, led development at several others, and consulted with yet more.

Areas of particular technical expertise and interest currently include front and back-end web development, Ruby on Rails, Clojure, Javascript, Linux, PostgreSQL and Haskell, but I have a high level of knowledge across a very wide range of languages and open source technologies. With my fingers in many pies, I’m often among the 100 most active worldwide contributors on Github.

For more info, see my LinkedIn profile or feel free to drop me an email.